Shrimp Scampi with Lemony Linguini

Ingredients: Shrimp – 1pound cleaned, deveined with head & tail off Linguini – 1 pound Butter – 2tbsp Olive oil – 2tbsp Garlic – 1tsp minced Shallot – 1 finely ...

Playing with water colors on a lazy saturday afternoon…

My hubby & I wanted to do a mission peak hike today but when we woke up it was already 11 and was too sunny to do a peak hike.. ...

My flower pots got a Warli makeover

Today, my flower pots and herb pots got a makeover. Yay!! These small clay pots were lying around for a long time and I did not find time to dress ...


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies: The first thing comes to my mind are those ...

Stir-fried Asparagus

Spring is the season for asparagus. This highly prized vegetable arrives with ...

Buttermilk Curry/ Morr Kulambu

This recipe makes me all nostalgic and I’m remembering my childhood and ...

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

Ingredients: Spinach – 2 cups Mushroom – 1 cup sliced Onion – ...

Sausage bites

Ingredients Italian Sausage or any kind – 1 pound Puff pastry sheet ...

Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a dish with rice, spices and meat, vegetables or egg. ...

Mushroom Biryani

Ingredients: Mushroom – 2 cup sliced Long grain rice – 2 cup ...

Kothu Chapathi with Egg & Chicken

I was wondering what to cook for dinner tonight??? After a long ...

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Ingredients: 1 cup of Fresh mushroom sliced 1 tbsp of Butter 3 ...

Chicken Noodles

Ingredients: Chicken – 1 cup cooked boneless, skinless and cubed Egg noodles ...

Cherry blossom

Its another two months for the cherry blossom festival in San Francisco ...

My First Oil Pastel

I woke up this morning and the first thing I looked up ...

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A busy Saturday morning with a recycled bottle flower vase

Saturday is a day to wake up late, not just late but late & hungry, take a quick shower, go out and have a stomach filling brunch but I definitely missed that today. Why? because I woke up way too early that’s around five in morning. Me?? five in the morning? I heard strange things […]

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Colorful Yarn DIY Balls

This is a super easy, a super colorful, a super fun and a super messy DIY project and can be used as a chandelier or a center piece or string together and hang near the doors as decorations. Materials Needed: Balloons Different colored yarns School Glue – 4 oz Corn Starch – 1/2 cup Petroleum […]

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Paper Flowers

Last weekend, I had a five year old birthday party to attend and the little one had a flower themed birthday party and I got a gift for her and Then I wanted to do something with the theme so I wrapped the gift with flower printed wrapper and tied the lace and I made […]

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Pencil Sketching Day 17: Fashion sketching

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Pencil Sketching Day 16: Bumble bee

A Sketch in a rush and it did turn out very bad. Anyway I’m posting here.

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Pencil Sketching Day 15: Girls

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Pencil Sketching Day 14: Spring

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Pencil Sketching Day 13: Lips

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Pencil Sketching Day 12: A Cloudy sunset

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Pencil Sketching Day 11: A pair of Parakeets

I drew the parakeets with a help of a photograph then outlined with a black ink and used color pencils to color them. I didn’t like their eye & beak placement but after trying so hard to draw them in the right place this is all I could draw.. I definitely need more practice..

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