Colorful Yarn DIY Balls

This is a super easy, a super colorful, a super fun and a super messy DIY project and can be used as a chandelier or a center piece or string together and hang near the doors as decorations.

Materials Needed:
Different colored yarns
School Glue – 4 oz
Corn Starch – 1/2 cup
Petroleum jelly
Pole or a rod for hanging
Bowl for mixing
Water – 1/4th cup
Tarp or old newspaper to cover the work space.


Blow the balloons. Do not blow to the maximum so that it is rounder in shape. The work place is gonna be really messy, so spread a big plastic bag/ tarp or newspapers on the floor.

Mix the glue, corn starch and water and make sure the mixture is not lumpy.

Apply a coat of petroleum jelly on the balloons to make sure when the yarn gets dried it doesn’t stick to the balloon.

Soak the yarn in the glue mixture and start wrapping around the balloons. Make sure the the start and end yarn is tucked beneath other yarn.

Repeat the same process with the other balloons and hang them on a rod. Hang them to dry for a day. Do not shorten the time, leaving longer will help the glue dried completely and the yarns do not loose their shape when the balloon is popped.

Pop the balloon with a tooth pick and pull out the balloon through the gaps.

and here you go…


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One Comment on “Colorful Yarn DIY Balls”

  1. Dhivya
    February 17, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    simple and pretty.

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