A busy Saturday morning with a recycled bottle flower vase

Saturday is a day to wake up late, not just late but late & hungry, take a quick shower, go out and have a stomach filling brunch but I definitely missed that today. Why? because I woke up way too early that’s around five in morning. Me?? five in the morning? I heard strange things happen once in a blue moon and that happened today!! For the first half hour I didn’t know what to do, then jumped in and made some Indian breakfast. Then went for shopping at Michales to get some paints and canvas. Then back home and painted these beautiful scotch and coke bottle and turned them into a flower vase. So made my saturday morning way too busy.

I kept on collecting glass bottles for more than a month or two now and okay that’s definitely not for me driving three states away to get five cents a bottle, like one of the episodes in Seinfeld but just wanted to recycle and use them for homemade jams. I never threw away any empty jam, pickle or a good wine or vodka bottle, just washed, cleaned and kept them ready to use and finally made use of them.

Materials needed:

Glass bottles or jars
Spray paints
Frosted glass paint
Any kinda tapes
Newspaper or tarp to cover the work area


Clean the surface of the bottle and start tapping the bottle. Note:The taped area is blank, that wont be painted with the spray paint.

Spray the paint. If needed spray a second coating. Make sure the paint is even all sides.

After 10 minutes, remove the tape carefully. Make sure the paint does not lift off. If it peels off, paint that area with a paint brush.

Spray the frosted glass paint after it dries off add some flowers and turn them to a flower vase or a decoration piece.


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One Comment on “A busy Saturday morning with a recycled bottle flower vase”

  1. Rathi
    July 17, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    Love ur choice of color bugsy 🙂 looks wonderful

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